Develop 'Security Champions' For Successful Enterprise Security Scalability

Posted by Megan McCall on Jul 19, 2021 8:03:34 AM
What steps have you taken to create an internal team of security champions to support your security strategy? The idea is to create "front-line support". @iiamit writes, "These advocates know their businesses better than any of my security engineers could, and they are deeply embedded in their organization's culture. And, as a result, they can provide the best context for security decisions. Our role is to equip them with our services and security expertise."
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Migration to Microsoft Azure: A technical overview

Posted by Megan McCall on Jul 16, 2021 8:05:44 AM
As part of its digital transformation, Canada's Capstone Mining needed a hybrid environment. It started shifting workloads to Azure for better scalability and resilience. But they didn't do it alone; they had help along the way. At MIS Solutions, LLC., we are industry experts ready to help you transform the way your company does business. If you're in the market for a cloud solution to upgrade your IT infrastructure, contact us today to learn how we can help.
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Is your company secure?

Posted by Megan McCall on Jul 12, 2021 8:04:14 AM
Microsoft 365 and the intelligent cloud can help you protect, detect and respond to today's modern security landscape. As a fully integrated, end-to-end solution, Microsoft 365 helps you address new risks and opportunities and drive digital transformation to empower everyone from the executive office to first-line workers. Contact us to get started today!
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Six types of remote workers and how to support them

Posted by Megan McCall on Jul 9, 2021 8:05:20 AM
How can you improve and enable productivity across your team? This e-book outlines different types of remote workers and how you can best encourage their success, from addressing specific technical needs to making it easier for employees to work from anywhere, on any device.
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Top 5 benefits of moving to the cloud now

Posted by Megan McCall on Jul 5, 2021 8:03:58 AM
Migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud has a ton of benefits. Whether you're looking to improve security and become GDPR compliant, cut your total cost of ownership by 10.25%, or promote teamwork and innovation by integrating AI capabilities, the cloud provides a solution to your IT problems.
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Redefine service through Connected Field Service

Posted by Megan McCall on Jul 2, 2021 8:06:22 AM
Dynamics 365 for Field Service enables businesses to move from reactive to proactive field service by bringing together IoT and AI with Field Service. It leverages advanced analytics, machine learning and the Internet of Things to move organizations from a costly break-fix model to a never-fail service model. Redefine service with Dynamics 365 and enhance your customers' experiences. Contact us today to get started!
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Help customers work from almost anywhere, on any device, with Microsoft technology

Posted by Megan McCall on Jun 28, 2021 8:02:27 AM
More than 50% of employees report that mobile technology helps them achieve work-life balance by enhancing productivity. We know that you probably want to empower your employees to work remotely, but we also recognize that it can be a struggle to enable remote workers and enhance mobility within companies. Don't worry--we can help. With the latest communication technology from Microsoft, you can connect the tools and services that employees use every day in a single hub for easy access. You can also help increase productivity by integrating team chats and files, and you can even reduce your company's overhead by saving money on office space as employees are able to work remotely. Check out this infographic for industry trends, pain points, proof points, and more on why you should adopt a teamwork platform from Microsoft. And contact us to help you build it.
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Cloud Migration Concerns Persist for Provider Organizations

Posted by Megan McCall on Jun 25, 2021 8:06:41 AM
This article explores the caution and hesitation in the healthcare industry to shift data and infrastructure off-premises. In a recent survey of hospital CIOs, close to 40% don't see a clear business value in migrating. Yet overhead accounts for 50% of hospital costs--costs that could be reduced through cloud migration. Chances are you could also benefit from lower overhead costs. At MIS Solutions, LLC., we have trained professionals with years of experience helping businesses just like yours. Contact us today to learn more.
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Don't miss another post! Subscribe now.

Posted by Megan McCall on Jun 21, 2021 8:02:37 AM
As you embrace the opportunities presented by cloud and mobile computing to connect with customers and optimize operations, you take on new risks. Subscribe now to stay informed on digital transformation challenges and how MIS Solutions, LLC. can help ensure security, privacy & compliance with Microsoft 365.
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Want To Be A Remote Worker? Get These Digital Skills

Posted by Megan McCall on Jun 18, 2021 8:07:57 AM
How can digital skills enable your employees to work remotely? With the right communication tools and apps geared toward facilitating better teamwork, the benefits of working remotely can include increased productivity and reduced downtime, not to mention hitting that sweet spot in work-life balance. Does your team need help navigating communication tools and apps? Contact us to learn how we can help you create a connected digital workspace.
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